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    What other products we deal with:

    Mistumi floppy model D353G------------------------Mainly used for industrial machine
    Teac floppy model FD-05HG-------------------------Mainly used for industrial machine
    Panasonic floppy model JU-226A243FC---------Mainly used for industrial machine
    7" capacitive touch screen----------------------------Custom design and produce
    9.7" capacitive touch screen--------------------------Custom design and produce
    videoscope model HV28-------------------------------Mainly used for industrial 
    videoscope model MVD80-----------------------------Mainly used for industrial


    As worldwide famous company's chinese partner, we also offer more convenient service for foreign companies, include:
    ?	Foreign products chinese  agent and market research; 
    ?	Accept customer's entrust, inspect the products for customers; 
    ?	Technical support for chinese company whose products from foreign company; 
    ?	Buyer for foreign customers, collect all customers' demand products and do shippment together etc.